I've been accused of being 21st Century Amish and not liking technology unless if benefits me directly, which is only the truth. And what's wrong with that I ask? Take the latest electronic excess: LED and HID lights for cars.

Last week I got stuck running the Ocoee river gorge at night behind an 18-wheeler with what looked to be a couple kilowatts of red LED taillights, running lights and other assorted Christmas tree paraphenalia. The lights were so bright I couldn't see him, or anything around him. It was like staring into an array or semiconductor lasers which is, of course, exactly what it was. Who thinks of this stuff?

My personal Electron Crime is the headlights on my Benz. Along with the heated seats and CD player the thing came stock with the latest in HID Turns-Night-Into-Day-Und-You-Vill-Like-It technology. I'm a little embarrassed driving behind people at night who they think I'm up on high beams being a stereotypical jerk. When I finally do go up on high, and the paint blisters on their rear deck lid, I wonder what the point is having aircraft landing lights stuck in my front grille. They're just too damn bright!

There's been either a gradual erosion of politeness in the world, or I've gotten softer. What is it Joe Walsh said? "Everybody's so different, I haven't changed."

When headlights blind oncoming drivers but that's OK 'cause I can see clear into the next state, we're well beyond four sigma on the politeness curve.

What's next?