Life is strange, but she doesn't think so and said as much: "Richter, you're the freak my man." said Life. "All I'm doing is dishing out the karma, spinning the days into nights and the nights into memories of yestersomething. You're the one with all the expectations" she said, blowing a smoke ring of something that was probably not hallucinogenic. Probably. But I was there with questions, and wasn't gonna be blown off by a dope-smoking, slightly cynical anthropomorphic personification of a common meme.

Yeah, as if...

Life asked what I wanted, so I told her. She laughed: "You and the rest of the over-40 crowd, babe. Love, companionship, understanding, great sex and compatible interests. Surprise of all surprises ... You want fries and a Coke with that sweetheart?" She laughed, blew another ring and smiled: "You get what you ask for, that's the way of it. Thing is, when I deliver the goods, the women don't notice 'til the guy's long gone, and the men run like hell as soon as things look promising. Represent, brother! When you finally get what you ask for, say Thank You and sign for the package."

Life shrugged in the Gallic manner, her eyes crinkled, and she whispered: "There is no Justice, little brother. There's Just Us. We gotta do it all. The Fates can steer you but you don't have to listen. You can give 'em all The Finger, if you want, and do whatever.

It's up to you, but when magic happens accept it, revel in it, live it. If you're always asking What If then the answer is always No." She smiled, offered me a toke, and went on: "The best you can hope for, is the best that you DO hope for. Pay attention. I'm all around you, making it happen. Don't let her sit, brother. Tell her she's loved and _show_ her you love her. Every day babe, every damn day."

Life might be a little cynical, and maybe a little stoned, but I think she has a point. Magic happens. I'll try not to miss out. Table for two, please.

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