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Things that go Yeowl! in the night

Four cats are far too many, but at least they're fixed so there number remains stable. My favorite is Camo, the calico. She's a sort of woodland camoflage color and likes to eat whatever I'm eating. Tofu, Brussel Sprouts, Fettucine. She even drinks beer and looks innocent when she's wasted. I've been debating whether to teach her to fly since she clearly has the makings of a fine pilot.

Camo The Invisble Calico

The newest additions are three kittens that just showed up. Chrissy (CozyGirrrl to you Canard drivers) was helping me design the new EFIS/One enclosure and we spotted 'em on the side of the road coming back from dinner. I figure they'll just get run over, so now I've got more cats. Grainger is my little buddy and sleeps on my feet most nights and climbs on the computer while I work, which I like a lot. Much like Poosty my other little cat that disappeared, Grainger looks innocent in the most astounding places: threaded into the winerack, top shelf of the Armoire, inside closed drawers.  I was hoping to teach her to change sparkplugs and other impossible to reach items, but she's a bit of a neo-Luddite and won't touch a wrench, or maybe she's got me figured out and is just playing dumb.


Cajun the Dog

Cajun is part Australian Shepherd, part alien being. I was sitting on the deck with one of my friends theorizing about what kind of dog I might want if I were to actually have a dog: One eye brown, one blue, sort of a Jackson Pollock black and white coat ... He came walking out of the woods that afternoon. Right to spec. Boom. Some days you really get the mojo working, other days you just end up materializing pets. No accounting for any of it, I think.

The Quack Ducks

Once again I got into my Homesteading and Jackleg library.  Ducks as the ultimate domestic fowl.  Ducks eat bugs and are good for the garden.  Duck eggs are yum. We're in trouble already.  I ordered 20 ducks, and were assured that they'd be fine.  Didn't expect the call from the Postmaster in Murphy (who has an unnatural fear of me) at 6:00 AM:  "Mr. Richter, WE'VE GOT YER DUCKS".  Yeah, right.  But they did, in fact, have a box of 20 egg-sized peeping little quack ducks in a box about 6x6 inches.  My buddy Dave says it's evil, but if you've lived inside an egg for a Very  Long Time, a cardboard box is like going to Disneyland.  They all grew up to get into EVERYTHING, and have kept the fly population at about zero all summer. 

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